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Ples Bilong Yumi Reader 5

ISBN: 9780733977503 Published: 2006
Publisher: Pearson Education

Ples Bilong Yumi Reader 5

Brian Robertson, Kerepuke Toben


The Ples Bilong Yumi Reader 5 is the fifth book in a series of readers for children in their first few years of using English in grades 3, 4 and 5. The series is designed to complement lower primary curriculum in areas such as agriculture, science and the environment. The stories are about children's play and every day community activities associated with animals, plants, gardening, cooking and local exploration.

In Story 1 the whole family works together to cook a delicous meal on an open fire.
In Story 2 John and Lucy help with the cleaning and learn about the many ways they can recycle 'rubbish' to make it useful for the family.
In Story 3 Alu and Dide are working hard to prepare a new garden when Alu cuts his leg with a sharp bush knife. Dide uses papaw medicine to heal the wound.

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