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Ples Bilong Yumi Reader 2

ISBN: 9780733977473 Published: 2006
Publisher: Pearson Education

Ples Bilong Yumi Reader 2

Brian Robertson, Kerepuke Toben


The Ples Bilong Yumi Reader 2 is the second book in a series for children in their first few years of using English in grades 3, 4 and 5.
In Story 1 Harriet the catepillar lives under a leaf of the aibika bush. She loves eating the leaves and grows big and fat. She finds a dry place to curl up and sleep -- what will happen to her next?
In Story 2 Harriet wakes up as a beautiful butterfly! She flies off to find friends and then lays some eggs -- soon her won hairy caterpillar babies hatch and start eating the aibika leaves.
In Story 3 Harriet the butterfuly and her friend Rat visit each other's gardens. Rat loves the sugar cane in Harriet's garden and takes some home to plant.

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